Sanders for Trump’s Vice President


QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, who would you recommend Trump asks to be his Vice President?

ANSWER: If I were Trump, I would ask Bernie Sanders to be vice president and really stir the pot. The two have one major thing in common: Goldman Sachs says they are dangerous. Hillary can claim she is the only one with a plan to deal with the banks. I suppose that is why they are donating to her. If Trump is the nominee, I doubt Goldman Sachs will be contributing to him. They will probably contribute to everyone besides Trump and Sanders. Picking Sanders would really get things going.

After all, 33% of Democrats in Virginia said they would vote for Trump over Hillary. Trump has brought in more people to the Republican Party than anyone in history. They are the disaffected and what is becoming increasingly self-evident is that the under-50 generation is less likely to simply vote for a party. The elderly Democrats and Republicans would vote for their own party regardless. There is a sea change underway and this is all about the change in politics that our computer has been projecting for 2016 since 1985.

Trump will most likely pick an “establishment” republican to facilitate communication with the hardliners. However, many of the hardliners, like John McCain, may be voted out this time around.

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