Switzerland Votes “No” on Universal Free Income for Life

No WOrk

Well, believe it or not, the younger generation is extremely socialistic. Just tell them they will get something for nothing and they are on board. I suppose this is what we get for telling them to pay for schooling and degrees that they cannot find a job with. n Switzerland, they pushed for an actual vote on

In Switzerland, the youth pushed for a vote on universal income where every citizen would receive ga lifetime monthly payment of 2500 Swiss francs, no matter where they live, and they do not have to work or ever earn anything. This is more than most people earn in retirement checks after a lifetime of work. The solution — just give’em the money now. Why work for it? Seems like a waste of a life. They just want to cut to the end. This is the legal way to rob your neighbor so you do not ever have to work.

Well, the proposal to guarantee a minimum monthly income of 2500 Swiss francs lost 76.9% to 23.1%. It could have, over time, lead to scrapping unemployment and social and pension payments, but it would have been in a dead-heat race with bankrupting the state, which probably would have happened first. The proposal was promoted by Daniel Haeni and Enno Schmidt who are really out of touch with how the economy functions. This same idea has been talked about in Canada and the USA.

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