Have Scottish Politicians Lost Their Minds?

British GDP Growth since 1949


Brain Dead

While Scottish politicians are very vocal about staying in the EU, they have really lost their minds. Their hatred for the Brits has clouded their intelligence to the point one must wonder if they even have a brain that can be turned on or if they are totally brain-dead. The greatest problem with the whole membership in the EU is the broad assumption that it is all about free trade. The EU stole the British fisherman’s rights from their own coast and handed them to the Dutch. If you just look at the data, economic growth has steadily declined since joining the EU.

Scotland would sacrifice the bulk of its trade with Britain for an over-regulated, pretend common market. Give me a break. According to figures released in January, Scotland’s non-oil and gas exports to EU (other than the UK) were £11.6bn for 2014. Now, let’s put that in perspective. Scottish exports to the rest of the UK were £48.5bn. Trade with the UK has increased in the past year by 3% on the year while it declined 8% with the EU (excluding Britain). We clearly have politicians destabilizing markets with total bullshit for they do not understand anything.

Despite the recent gains of Sturgeon’s pro-independence Scottish Nationalist party, it may be true that most Scots voted to remain, but that does not equate to a choice between Brussels and London. The politicians may be making a lot of noise only to discover in a subsequent referendum that they too reject Brussels.

An independent Scotland is in the cards — not one that chants, “The king is dead, long live the king!” or worse in Brussels where they have no right to vote whatsoever.


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