The Sixth Wave


QUESTION: Marty; You do realize you correctly forecast the takeover boom and the reversal in trend in 1985 followed by the peak of Japan to the day and the fall of communism with your 1989.95 peak in the ECM. Then with 1998.55 you forecast the collapse of Russia and were named hedge fund manager of the year. They threw your ass in contempt for that one. Then the ECM called 2007.15 the peak in the Schiller real estate index to the day and they called that Armstrong’s Revenge. Then 2015.75 you declared it was the peak in government and you said 8.6 months into this cycle it would be the EU. You were the only one who has ever done this and you yourself wondered if the computer would be right with BREXIT or would they rig the game. Your forecast for the War Cycle picked Ukraine before it happened and your political model forecast the rise of anti-establishment for 2016. What are they going to do to you now with the demise of the EU? Will they ever listen? The press should be knocking down your door. The fact that they are not is indicative of their own corruption. Is it possible they will simply never listen?

ANSWER: I would like to think they would listen to a viable solution. It would be nice to take that next step up in knowledge as we did 300 years ago during the Age of Enlightenment and advance in society. Cyclically, the time is right. We are due on the 309.6-year wave. However, this is also the sixth wave and things are fractal. My fear is that government will try to cling to power and bring us into a Dark Age.

This is the climax between good and evil so to speak. These people have to stop. They are risking it all.

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