The Political End is Very Near & Markets Know It

Confused Man

QUESTION: Mr Armstrong; I am witnessing everything you have warned was coming right down to the stock market rise with gold and the dollar. Nobody has put such a possibility even forward. The goldbugs only talk about how the stock market must crash with the dollar so buy gold. Even with gold rising they are still wrong. I take it your computer plots out relationships as well. So what next?

ANSWER: No relationship remains constant. Absolutely everything remains perpetually in a state of eternal flux. What is unfolding is following our capital flow analysis to the T. We are witnessing the demise of the EU, no matter how much they scream and become Draconian in an effort to retain power. We are also in a generational shift where the under-45 are far more independent and are not voting simply because they are Democrat, Labour, Conservative, or Republican. The establishment does not want to face this, but the political end is very near. As this happens, capital takes flight. Some will buy gold, others stocks, while still others run into the dollar since the US government is still holding together for now.

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