New Film – Hillary’s America

Hillary Movie

The documentary,Hillary’s America,” looks into the secret history of the Democratic Party and Hillary’s rise to become the presidential candidate. I find it rather astonishing to see a movie out before the election about Hillary’s crazy history.

One would think that the Democrats would have preferred Joe Biden. Hillary plays dirty and many fear getting in her way. Yet, the Democratic Party determined Hillary would rule Washington as the first woman president. She is such a feminist that this is her only real goal, not helping the nation.

I have not seen this movie to attest to its veracity. I cannot recall a presidential election that was ever this nuts. I understood that this would be a crazy period economically back in 1985 when our computer was highlighting 2016 as a crazy economic year. I never anticipated such a chaotic election as we have today. The burning question is why the Democrats went along with Hillary rather than someone who did not have such a crazy cloud over them.

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