The Battle Begins



@ real DonaldTrump thinks that democrats care about his opinion, how does it feel putting your stuff where it doesn’t belong ?

@Hillary Clinton. Ask Bill.

The battle between Hillary and Trump has taken to Twitter. Hillary is way out of her league here. The media turned on Trump for saying Russia should release Hillary’s emails. Obama is the one that said it was Russia who hacked the DNC without any evidence, but the media has shown their true colors in desperately trying to turn Trump’s comment into major news all day long.

 DNC Protest March

Meanwhile, what the mainstream media did not cover were all the protests in Philadelphia. They erected unscalable fences to keep them away from the convention and the TV cameras. The City of Philadelphia had to approve four massive protests but they ensured such events would not be near the convention. For the largest of the four pro-Sanders rallies approved, more than 30,000 people attended weeklong demonstrations called “March for Bernie at DNC.” Then there was the group called Black Men for Bernie who held a “We the People Restoration Rally” at Thomas Paine Plaza across from City Hall on July 27-28. The purpose of the rally was “to address economic inequality, human rights, poverty, criminal justice reform and lack of ownership,” according to the city’s permit approval document.

The DNC emails showed how the primaries were rigged against Bernie, and unsurprisingly the Democratic protesters who say they will now vote for Trump have only appeared on local TV. We now have 100 days to go, which is a lifetime in politics.

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