Hillary from a Supporter



I landed in Tampa and called UBER. I got an older woman who was very much a Hillary supporter. I engaged in a conversation not to try to change her mind, but to listen to her reasoning. It was fascinating how she took the position Trump would start a war by insulting people and no matter what the scandal was about Hillary, that was somehow irrelevant. When I asked about her emails, the response was they all do that. When I asked about the bankers and all the money, again, that was somehow irrelevant. When I said this is a global trend, she said BREXIT was irrelevant and had nothing to do with corruption. They just didn’t want to be unionized. I didn’t know my British friends saw themselves as union workers.

She said the only people voting for Trump were angry white guys. So while she views it’s just angry white guys voting for Trump, I suppose what she is really saying is angry feminist women are voting for Hillary. Listening to her was interesting. Yes, I still gave her a money tip since any advice would never make a difference anyhow.

I did not try to create a debate. You can never change the mind of a die-hard supporter on either side of the fence. Elections are decided by the silent 10% who are not the majority, but think for themselves. I always listen because I want to understanding the thinking process that is involved.

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