Hillary Threatens War with China & Russia

Hillary Clinton - 19

What is fascinating has been the images portrayed about Clinton and Trump. Hillary is viewed as the most dishonest and Trump is looked up as the hot head. It is Hillary who has the reputation for having a violent temper and she is now posturing herself as a hawk in war. Most people did not notice, but a few months ago, Obama had established the legal basis signing a decree that equates hacker attacks with military attacks. So an act of war can be the hacker attack on the Democratic Party since this is very vague.

Now in a speech in Cincinnati, Hillary said that she would “politically, economically and militarily” proceed as US President against anyone who committed the hacker attacks against US facilities. Hillary has called explicitly Russia and China as nations that constantly perform hacker attacks. She told the audience: “You have seen the reports that Russia and China have hacked a lot of things. Russia has even hacked the National Committee of Democrats, maybe even some electoral systems of States. We need to increase and ensure that we can defend ourselves well, to fight against those who fight against us price. I’ll do it as president realized that the US will deal with cyber attacks as well as all other attacks. We are willing to seriously halt politically, economically and militarily respond. We will invest to protect our government units and our national infrastructure. “

She then said she would increased the military budget and make it exempt from the general budget cuts. Nobody has done that one yet and it seems that she is already making concessions to the Republican neoconservatives. The rumblings behind the curtail are all talking about this position.

Keep in mind that historically, wars have been started by Democrats and ended by Republicans. The exception was the Iraq War, which was orchestrated by Dick Cheney it appears to enrich his former company Halliburton.

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