Hillary’s “Personal” Emails Probably Hide Corruption & Tax Fraud

Hillary Laughing

The talk outside the United States is how well-known analyst has found that there were massive discrepancies regarding the amount and use of donations in addition to a very significant portion of all donations have been paid as bonuses of the Clinton family. Besides Hillary’s emails, the highly questionable dealing centered around the Clinton Foundation would certainly also land anyone else in prison.

Charles Ortel is a financial analyst who has audited all available numbers of the Foundation. The conclusion is simply devastating. The Foundation clearly pursues “no profit” image, yet it is a giant scheme to avoid taxes. His analysis shows that many of the payments are income to the Clintons and should be taxed since these “donations” were never used for charitable purposes. Instead, they were moved straight into the pockets of the Clinton family.

It is becoming clear that Hillary erased 50% of the emails and hid another 14,900 calling these “personal” because they would reveal no doubt tax fraud since they indeed most likely involve “bonuses” for the Clintons. If she became President, how is this giant money laundering scam going to be run? By their daughter and her hedge fund manager husband?

Back in May 2016, James Grimaldi from Wall Street Journal revealed that the Clintons had misappropriated the supposedly charitable foundation as an investment vehicle. To make a donation to the Clinton Global Initiative was diverted into an investment for the systems operated by an enterprise Clinton friend Energy Pioneer Solutions, which is a clear tax fraud. Hillary insists that the Clinton Foundation has never broken laws.

With 65% of the American people feel she is dishonest, one has to wonder just what in the world are the Democrats doing supporting her. It is starting to appear that if Hillary is defeated, this may be really a major death blow to the Democratic Party.

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