Trump’s Proposals for Ethics Reform


Trump’s “Ethics Reform” is one of the major reasons the elite Republican support Hillary. Besides banning members and staff from becoming lobbyists for 5 years, Trump has added to that list TERM LIMITS FOR CONGRESS! In other words, he is proposing the END of career politicians. This, along with his promise to repeal Obamacare, which was really to line the pockets of hospitals so they no longer had to treat people for free, as well as reducing the corporate tax rate to 15% to bring back almost $3 trillion they keep offshore, with his stated policy to end the military nation building (which Eisenhower warned about and JFK said was the sole issue undermining Bretton Woods in the 1960 debate), are probably the most profound proposals in the campaign that would really make a difference.

This is why the “ESTABLISHMENT” are so hell-bent on defeating Trump at all costs. The Empire is Striking Back shutting down Wikileaks and pulling the plug on RT, and forcing the head of FOX News to resign. The Democrats were hiring people to pretend to be Trump supporters to start violence to blame that on Trump supporters. This is a scorched earth campaign to deny the right of the people to seek political change at the voting booth. Washington is NOT about to allow Trump to win the White House and they will tear up the Constitution if they have to. There is no way these people will accept term limits. Of course, there is no way to save the world without term limits. So we must crash and burn but these people will start World War III to divert the people from any possible rebellion against the “ESTABLISHMENT” at any cost.

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