Sun’s Drop in Energy Output Stronger than Expected


I have been warning that global warming is really a hoax, for the major issue is that the sun is a thermodynamic system, which means that it does not provide a steady output. There is a 300-year cycle to this entire phenomenon.

Experts say that solar activity has fallen to levels not seen since the mini-ice age that took place between 1645 and 1715 known as the Maunder Minimum.

While the global warming advocates want to blame everything on CO2 levels, hard evidence from ice core samples indicate that spikes in CO2 levels trailed increases in global temperature by about 200 years. This has caused people to question the validity of their theories. Of course, the cycle with CO2 level spikes predates human activity with combustion engines by hundreds of thousands of years.

Environment Minister Hendricks of the EU wants to regulate cow farting, claiming that it creates more global warming than cars.

Volcanoes can—and do—influence the global climate. Mount Tambora erupted in 1816 and threw so much ash into the air that it snowed during the summer in New York City. The event became known as “18-hundred-and-froze-to-death.”

The problem is that global warming is like trying to analyze a market by only looking at short positions and never the longs. CO2 levels are an aspect, but the major aspect remains the energy output of the sun that dictates the major cycle, which is heading back into a cooling phase that no degree of CO2 levels will overcome.

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