World Health Correlations


COMMENT: Hello Martin, love your work, have learned so much, as an engineer and innovator, your work and perspectives have given me amazing sight and perspective to which I am very grateful.

I diagnosed my son with a condition called MELAS, awful, and heart breaking, all the experts were wrong as usual and it was a fight to be heard and understood, only when sadly proven right at each stage did they start to listen and understand. But it was too late and he passed in my arms as we slept 25 months 16 days ago, aged 10.

He taught me a lot and made me push my brain and mind to try and figure out a way to save him. It brought me into so much new knowledge.
3 days ago another friend, 40, got cancer diagnosed. During discussion I realized something very significant. I am half Iranian half English, with a huge family in Tehran and friends.. my observation was that in the last 30 years, out of all of them, only 2 had cancer, both lived to 90 and both heavy smokers.
Then I dug and amazingly the cancer rate in U.K. Was nearly 4 times higher in the Iran., based on number of new incidents/1000/yr.

Then I looked at the cancer incidence map worldwide and what I found was shocking. Complete opposite to expectations. Then I compared death rates map world wide on same incidence I.e. Deaths (all deaths all causes) incidents/1000/year, that blew my mind,then finally world wide map of number of billionaires in each country… then put all 3 maps together. This high level comparison sent shivers down my spine. Last time I had a moment like that was when I overlayed over 60 new product launches I was involved in or knew detail about onto your ecm, the ones that failed were all in line with your downturns and the ones that all succeeded were in the up cycle, even though some of the best products were the ones that failed.

Hence I would like to share the info graphic I have pulled together and for you to determine if it is value to comment from your analytical perspective.

REPLY: I am sorry to hear about your loss. It is not an easy thing. I lost my first son. It changes you, without a question. If someone in the medical field would care to assemble the symptoms and markers for each disease, I would be glad to program it using AI to help people reach the correct conclusion before it is too late.

The correlations that emerge are probably genetic. When you go to a doctor, they ask you about your family history. Most diseases are genetic. They can learn a lot from a genetic profile. That is not being shared with the patients in most cases.

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