Obama Argues Against Rights for Illegal Immigrants

US Supreme Court

While the left continues to bash Trump as a racist for his stand against migrants, the Obama Administration argued before the Supreme Court yesterday for the same result. The Obama Administration was at the Supreme Court on Wednesday, urging the justices to strike down a court decision granting regular hearings to many migrants jailed on immigration grounds.

The press paints Trump as racist because his campaign promised a broad crackdown on illegal immigration. Acting Solicitor General Ian Gershengorn argued that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (California) distorted immigration statutes when it ruled last year that many immigrants in prolonged detention are entitled to hearings before immigration judges every six months.

The Obama Administration said that the “9th Circuit undid that legislative balance,” repeatedly stating that the 9th Circuit appeals court invented a “one-size-fits-all” policy by guaranteeing bail hearings that lawmakers never authorized. “This was a deliberate, categorical judgment by Congress,” said Gershengorn.

It is very interesting how the press is not bashing Obama for taking a hard stand against equal rights for illegal immigrants.

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