Propaganda – How Bad American Press Has Become


deweytruman12The release of Newsweek’s now famous Madam President before the election was decided is a mistake that is not intentional. “Dewey Defeats Truman” was another major mistake when the Chicago Daily Tribune on November 3, 1948, announced Truman lost to Dewey. The paper became famous when it was held up by Truman at a public appearance following his successful election, smiling triumphantly at the error. Trump should do the same for history with Newsweek, who printed 125,000 copies, and then recalled them. The asking price has been for $95 to $1,000 a copy.


However, the content of this magazine is venomous that demonstrates how bad the propaganda has become in its attempt to brainwash the public. It not only said that Hillary took the high road when she did not running a constant negative campaign, but then Newsweek called the people who supported Trump “deplorables” who asked for the 19th Amendment to be repealed, which prohibits any United States citizen from being denied the right to vote on the basis of sex. Never in all the mud-slinging in this campaign did I ever hear anyone say that women should be denied the right to vote. Who made up this outright lie?

What was truly amazing is that, despite the evolution of propaganda mediums over the centuries, the central methodologies and motivations remain the same. Propaganda is still the tool for spreading messages and influencing opinion often to justify war or Marxist agendas. Propaganda has never been used to benefit society. It has been a vital exercise in the spreading and consolidation of power.

Wartime propaganda has been used in, if not all, of the major wars.  One of the first known uses of war propaganda was employed by Alexander the Great.  After being forced to retreat in a battle, Alexander realized he could not show he was weak and had to retreat.  Instead, he used propaganda to intimidate the opposing army.  Alexander’s army made oversized armor and helmets and left them behind as they retreated.  His intent was that the opposing army would be intimidated and not pursue his army because the oversized armor made Alexander’s army look like giants (Labash, 20 Dec, 2001).


Euro-RefugeePoliticians routinely use children for propaganda. They bring in the children to hide the motive of legislation that whenever the government is doing something shady. This is standard operating procedure and whenever you see any politician signing some bill surrounded by children, read the fine print.

They used children to sell the idea of letting in millions of refugees into Europe when 60% were your males not even from Syria. Children are a fantastic propaganda tool. They pull at the heart-strings of the average person. So always beware when you see any story that uses children to sell an idea. You know they are up to something.

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