Stein Exploiting the Great Divide between Left & Right Feeding the Cycle of War


Green Party donations reached $3.5 million for the election. Stein raked in $7 million+ for a recount that even Obama said was pointless. Stein will keep all the money not spent creating a huge windfall.


More alarming, Stein is exploiting the great divide between left and right. All of this is warning that we are witnessing the fragmentation of the United States. This is what will lay the seeds for the civil unrest. This is the left trying to force their agenda upon the whole nation, which is not much different from the beginning of the Russian Revolution right down to the youth. No presidential election has ever led to so much discontent in history.

This is part of the entire crisis we face. People like Stein and others will keep up their displeasure of losing. It’s their way or no way. Meanwhile, the mainstream media will contribute to the destruction of our society by constantly blasting Trump for every possible action. They will now allow him to help the nation because they supported Hillary in a conspiracy and they need to vindicate their collapsing polls and public distrust.

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