So What’s All the Protests Against Trump?

A gay lawyer, Dan Goldstein from Brooklyn, who had a child in his arms, outright abused everyone and Ivanka Trump with her husband and children when they were flying in coach on JetBlue from JFK. However one hour before that INCIDENT, Matthew Lasner, Goldstein’s gay wife, wrote on Twitter: “Ivanka and Jared at JFK T5, flying commercial. My husband chasing them down to harass them.”


EU ImmigrationDan Goldstein and his wife Matthew Lasner, who were married in September 2012, were thrown off of the JetBlue flight from New York to San Francisco. Goldstein began yelling: “Why is she on our flight. She should be flying private.” Another passenger reported he said “They ruin the country now they ruin our flight!” They also posted that Trump is not my President. Such people should just leave and go to Middle East and get a dose of reality.

This is a prime example of why I would send my children out of the country to be educated for American universities are becoming insane Petri dishes of extreme leftist intolerance where professors, who teach because they cannot do what they teach, think it is their right to express their personal political views to indoctrinate students. Any school that allows such professors should be denied student loans be they left or right. This is not teaching skills but propaganda for either side. Add Hunter college to the list of no school zones for children. If I were Trump, I would (1) revoke the Clinton student loan laws that made them non-discharable in bankruptcy, and (2) I would deny loans for any school that allows professors to interject their political views left or right to influence children. School is no place for such indoctrination. That is how Communism was embraced – twist the minds of the students at a young age to create totalitarian regimes.

This interesting aspect of these outbursts and protests reflect just how much the presidential campaign brainwashed people. Hillary deliberately conspired with the press to make sure Trump would be the nominee, and then she used a divisive campaign to paint him as someone who hated everyone to win. I fully understand if Trump attempts some action that is unconstitutional. But until he takes office, what is said in an election is not always what unfolds in office. Additionally, it is irrelevant even if Trump said he would outlaw abortion. That is decided already by the Supreme Court. No president can simply override that decision, any more that they could discriminate against any race or gays. Yes they can block foreigners who cannot even speak English or from a specific risky nations No problem legally with that.


adult-childrenLikewise, all these people calling Trump racist or Nazi, are just insane. They should go to Europe and see how people are living in fear because of the refugees. And as for Trump building his wall, well they should take notice of London. They are looking to build a steel wall all around London to protect it from terrorist attacks. These same type of people welcomed the refugees and allowed terrorists to infiltrate Europe. This very same reasoning they are now applying to the United States and calling Trump a racist because he wants to block people coming from those countries in the Middle East. It is one thing to accept genuine families. Not 25 year old males pretending to be children.

I am sorry. I will have no problem calling Trump out for creating a police state. But I am willing to stand and observe before I jump on words. As they always say – actions speak louder than words. We will see. None of what Obama said he would do from closing Guantanamo Bay prison to shutting down the NSA unconstitutional abuse of George Bush ever took place. We just have to see. The very tolerance these people say Trump does not have, is exactly what they practice concerning anyone who disagrees with them.

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