Tony Blair Says Brits Should Now Rise Up and Revolt

Blair Tony

In studying history, it is interesting to see that it is always the left which creates uprisings and tries to force their beliefs upon all others. Historically, the left is responsible for the murder of countless tens of millions of people beyond what anyone can count. Besides the intolerable American mainstream press who should be criminally charged for advocating the overthrow of the government (18 U.S. Code § 2385), now we have another left-winger in Britain former PM Tony Blair advocating that those who lost in the BREXIT referendum should “rise up in defence of what we believe”.

We are headed into such civil unrest and bloodshed, we do not need to worry about invasions, they are already here – the left who has lost in various elections and referendums. So get ready. They are the people who have justified in their own mind that anyone who dare to disagree with should be terminated and then their world will be perfect.

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