Obamacare Survives thanks to Corruption as Usual

March 26, 2017

COMMENT: With all the talk of the failed healthcare bill, do people not realize the medical and pharma are the biggest lobbyist to Washington? That’s why Ryan didn’t pass the bill. N REPLY: The media will never expose reality. I believe the only way to fix all this mess is to repeal Obamacare in its entirety. Mandate […]

The Media Has Always Been Biased?

March 26, 2017

COMMENT: Marty; I managed to get a copy of your Greatest Bull Market in History at an auction. You do know they bring $3,000+ I presume? But what stunned me in there is that you wrote how the Wall Street Journal falsely accused Jesse Livermore of trying to influence the presidential election by saying the […]

The Financial Crisis 1992-1993

March 26, 2017

QUESTION: Marty, it is well known here in Britain that you advised Thatcher of course, but it was John Major you advised and even wrote what he said during the pound crisis and the Soros attack. Would you ever like to comment on that in public about what really happened during that crisis. The press will […]