The French Elections & Socrates

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, I saved your article from November 25th last year where your computer forecast the collapse of mainstream politics. Macron was not even in the picture back then. Have you recalculated now that all the parties collapsed and it is Macron v Le Pen?


ANSWER: I am very familiar with France. I was supposed to debate Michel Sapin, the Finance Minister of France on national TV. He backed out.

As you can see in that article, the only way to approach this is to look at the philosophy rather than the party since we were showing that the parties would collapse as they have done. I concluded that article writing:

“Clearly, the socialists are finished. However, we are within this 10 year window between 2013 and 2023. This clearly shifts the favor toward a new power. Le Pen can win within this window. However, expect this to be also very divisive as in the United States.”

We could extrapolate and say all other party members will vote for Macron. However, that would just be a guess. The wildcard now is we know that Le Pen will get probably 30% for that is her hardcore base. The question becomes, what portion of the other parties will now vote for Le Pen. Keep in mind that the Euro will rally as fools think this will save the day if she loses. Such an event will only postpone the inevitable for the same thinking process will remain in place.

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