Can a Federal Judge Hold You Til you Die in a Civil Case?

QUESTION: I read Zero Hedge on where a Federal Judge Declares Constitution Void, Threatens Civil Defendant With Death. These judges are really out of control. How can they keep someone in a civil case in prison until they die?

ANSWER: Because the Court of Appeals do absolutely NOTHING to defend the citizens in the country, we have judges who are drunk with their power. Appeal courts will NEVER chastise a judge. Very early in my case before there was any contempt, I met with three law firms that were representing me from – New York, New Jersey, and London. Right there in the meeting they were talking about how the receiver Alan Cohen was speaking ex parte with the judge and this is why we cannot get a fair trial. I said file to recuse the judge! My lawyer at Tenzer Greenblat in New York immediately said – this firm will never file a recusal motion. If we did, our firm would be prejudiced by all the judges in New York. That is why I went pro se. It was clear that law firms have a self-interest and will not defend clients if it will hurt their firm. They sell you down the river destroying our constitutional system. My recommendation is NEVER hire a lawyer from the same town. Their business depends upon the judges in that town so they WILL NEVER defend you if it will harm their business. This only adds to the arrogance of judges.

Anyone who dares to support the justice system deserves to be in a personal lock-up. I met one of the claimed terrorists who had a box cutter on the train in Texas during the 911 incident. The government knew he was innocent so they put him of diesel therapy, which is when they move you to a new prison each day to prevent any lawyers or press from finding you and you cannot make any phone calls in transit. This kid was in the holding cell and inmates told him to ask me for help because I had legal training. He handed me papers they gave him to sign. He was starved. Tortured. You could see all his chest bones for he lost all fat appearing from some famine victim in a torn country yet in the care of the American Justice System. I read the the papers they handed him. They said he was waiving all rights to sue the US government in return for him being deported that night. The press knew he was innocent and lawyers were trying to find him as was his family. They wanted to cover it all up and get rid of him before he could tell anyone what they did to him.

The CNN reported after the fact: Ayub Ali Khan and Mohammed Jaweed Azmath were caught in a wave of detentions that began in the days after the September 11 hijackings of four U.S. airliners. “We have not found any ties to 9-11, and it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to do so in the future,” said one source. 

The two men took a flight that day from Newark, New Jersey, which was grounded in St. Louis, Missouri, when the Federal Aviation Administration imposed a nationwide “ground-stop.” Traveling together, the two then boarded a train for San Antonio, Texas.

Police arrested them in Texas during what was called a routine drug sweep of the train.

Authorities say the men were carrying box cutters similar to ones used by the hijackers, $5,600 in cash and hair dye. During a strip search, investigators discovered both men had shaved all their body hair — just as the hijackers had been instructed to do in a so-called “mission manual” left behind by the 19 suspected hijackers.

People often express condolence for what I went through. I was also given the strength to stand unbroken and defy them eye to eye. So in that respect, what I learned and observed from the inside of how these people really treat human beings is an experience that has been absorbed into my character. We learn and progress through life. I survived even their attempt to kill me. I speak out because I can and because that is what they tried to stop. These people are the ultimate definition of evil.

In my case, to stop me from going to trial and to look at all my defense papers, they threw me into solitary confinement, took all my legal papers, told me if I wanted to go to trial it would be with absolutely nothing. After reviewing my defense, they came and admitted they did not want to go to trial. They knew I would call all the bankers to the stand and I have a very good memory. You can take my research, but that does not erase it from my mind. I would interrogate them and expose every manipulation in a public forum and their greatest fear was (1) I knew the financial system, and (2) I knew the law. That was a deadly combination they could not overcome if they wanted to protect the bankers.

The compromise was finally they wrote the script I was to read as any hostage held by some terrorist. Constitutionally, if you plead you are supposed to do it in your own words and the judge is supposed to make sure it is not coerced. This was completely illegal, but nobody does anything.

I refused to plead to any pretend conspiracy so the compromise was I failed to tell my clients the bank stole the money when I learned on Friday and went to my lawyers Monday morning. They said I should have told all institutions over the weekend the bank stole the money even if I was not 100% sure of the outcome and they might return it.

I had resolved myself that I would simply die in prison indefinitely. You come to peace with that decision and look forward to not waking up one day. You are in the hands of the most ruthless judicial system in the world, which has no checks and balances whatsoever. It is like you are in some B-Movie of some corrupt Banana Republic – but you are in the United States. I self-surrendered because I thought it would show you are willing to stand trial. Then my lawyer Richard Altman tells me, you should have fled to Britain and then you would get an extradition hearing. The US government would have to actually put on a case to show evidence that if committed something.

The government tried to kill me after the plea but before sentencing. They left one inmate’s door unlocked as they did mine. I was taken to the hospital in a coma for a few days, but survived to their dismay. I have no compassion for anyone who works in the Justice Department and would never hire a lawyer who ever worked for the government. There is nothing these people will not do to win. You have zero rights and they will kill you and go celebrate at dinner afterwards. You cannot possibly image the type of people who gravitate to these positions. I believe they are the kids who tortures cats and dogs for fun.

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