Trump Admits he Told Russia About Terror Plot on their Airline Flights & Schumer is OK with Innocent People Dying in Terrorist Attacks

Trump has tweeted admitting that he had shared “facts pertaining to terrorism and airline flight safety” with Russian diplomats in an Oval Office meeting last week. No matter what he does, they will try to make a controversy out of it. Trump was certainly not doing anything illegal and the info appears to have involved another attack on a Russian airliner. I suppose Schumer, Graham and McCain have no problem with innocent passengers getting killed as long as it makes for headlines against Trump. We are watching politics stoop lower than ever in history.

What we are really looking at is the Democrats and the Republican elite have joined forces to do whatever it takes to keep the corruption flowing in Washington and to resist any economic reforms. This is trying to keep everything as is. That is the real battle ground.

The real question will be the Congressional elections next year. It appears that the elite Republicans prefer that the Democrats gain seats to prevent any real “drain the swamp” measures if more anti-establishment come to Washington in 2018. I would rather see any Democrat than Lindsey Graham or John McCain.

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