Arrogance of California Knows No Bounds Governor Brown Still Committing Treason against the Constitution


The governor of California is just insane and out of control. Besides the boasting that California is its own country free to enter into treaties with Europe against the Constitution, now Governor Brown is restricting the freedom of movement of its citizens, creating a list of states within the USA that California is imposing a travel ban. Here we have Governor Brown banning travel for which he had the audacity to criticize President Trump. Brown either belongs in a prison for Treason or an insane asylum. The jury should decide. This man is unqualified to be governor and is dangerous.

In January, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, announced the state would no longer fund employee travel to four states – Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee. Now, with Alabama, Kentucky, South Dakota and Texas added to the list after each passed laws, California officials described as discriminatory towards the LGBT community. So in other words, any state that disagrees with California should be put on the their travel ban.

Freedom of movement under United States Constitution is governed by the Privileges and Immunities Clause which states, “The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States.” This issue was decided back in 1823 in an appellate decision Corfield v. Coryell, 6 Fed. Cas. 546 (1823). The freedom of movement for American citizens has been judicially recognized as a fundamental Constitutional right.

Additionally, the Commerce Clause of the Constitution, empowers Congress “to regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several States” not Governor Brown. Once again, he is usurping federal powers and overruling the Constitution. He is simply out of control.

Let’s put this in perspective. He yells that Russia deprived him of Hillary because they were trying to “influence” the election. Well, imposing sanctions on other states who disagree with California is trying to also “influence” the people of those states to kneel before the altar of Governor Brown who seems to want to dictate to the world how they should live. Governor Brown is imposing sanctions on other states for disagreeing with the will of California which is the same policy of the West imposing never ending sanctions on Russia for taking back the Crimea, which was their’s to begin with? California has no right whatsoever to impose any sanction upon another state within the USA nor restrict the movement of any citizen to travel among the states. He cannot impose any sanction against another state for disagreeing with his flavor of laws. His view that other states are anti-Lesbian/Gay infringes upon their freedom of religion when they do not outright discriminate against the LGBT community.

Governor Brown seems to have lost it. His arrogance is off the charts and this is just unacceptable. He is lucky I am not president. I would cut off all federal funding for California until they comply with the constitution.

What’s next? Governor Brown imposes requirements upon cars to be electric and bans all citizens from driving to California with a car that does not meet California standards in accord with Paris? Just secede, invite Hillary to be the President of California, and be done with it. Those who disagree with Brown’s politics, the West Coast of Florida  still has the sunsets, no income tax, and far less regulation.

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