Trump Tower Meeting & Half Truths – Another Untold Story

Bloomberg News is reporting that there is an ongoing criminal investigation into a client of the Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, who met at Trump Tower with Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and adviser, and Paul Manafort. The attorney  Veselnitskaya had a client with  and undisclosed a U.S. criminal investigation into possible Russian Money laundering, which began back in 2013 but went nowhere. The statute of limitations has run out by now, which is 5 years. The twist is how they say she met with Trump’s people and thus somehow she met for all her clients – not just one; which includes this character.


The Money laundering was involving Hermitage Capital, which Edmond Safra was the main share holder. That was the company Safra and his Republic National Bank was trying to get me to invest in but I declined.

This involved the attempted takeover of Russia, Yeltsin was shown how to steal $7 billion from the IMF loans and wired the money to Geneva. Republic National Bank steered the wire through Bank of NY and then ran to the Feds to report Bank of NY did a $7 billion Money laundering. The Feds rushed in and quickly found themselves trapped. I had a meeting with the prosecutors on that whole mess.

They were played for fools. I even told them it was the minister of the Russian Interior who was blocking them from getting information because it led to Yeltsin. That why the case never really went anywhere but went quietly into the sunset with nobody going to jail.



I believe it was Safra with co-conspirators who were blackmailing Yeltsin to put Bereszovsky in as President of Russia and Yeltsin would step down. When Yeltsin realized it was a set up, he turned to Putin and that is how Putin became the head of Russia. Putin seized Hermitage Capital, which I believe was really a front to try to takeover Russia and the core of their Russian scheme to get the gold, oil, and diamonds. Safra’s connection with the US government have left a dark cloud over how far the US government was involved in interfering in the Russian election of 2000.


When you look at the plea of Bank of NY, the cover-up becomes obvious.  The two Bank of NY people were given house arrest. The $7 billion Money laundering they said was the ransom for a Russian business man and the judge never asked any name.

William Felix Browder seems to have obtained a political favor from Congress to try to get his money back by passing the Magnitsky Act


Now Bloomberg is spinning this loosely to try to implicate Trump based upon the fact that one of  Veselnitskaya’s clients is prejudiced by the Magnitsky Act. This is really getting very low and once again it is a half-truth to keep the fake news flowing.

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