Corruption is Pervasive & Standard Operating Procedure

Feinstein Dianne

COMMENT: I read your post on Trump, Jr. and it does appear obvious that there is no investigation into the whole Maginsky Act and why are Trump Jr.’s lawyers not exposing this more? It seems that corruption only really exists when it always involves government.


ANSWER: Corruption is a huge problem in all governments worldwide. It is the possession of power in the hands of authorities that can be bribed which regularly instigates corruption. The ONLY possible way to prevent this corruption is term limits. Believe it or not, California’s notorious Senator Dianne Feinstein announced that she said she was running for reelection in 2018. “I’m all in!” she tweeted and wrote in a Facebook post. These people have to be dragged out of office by their hair. She is 84 years old! Feinstein is the oldest Senator in Washington. Her next term, if Californian elect her again, which is likely, she will be past her 91st birthday. She has been the leading person taking all our liberty and a staunch supporter of the NSA. I have written before that “She is an outright liar” claiming if the government had more power they would have prevented 911. They were in on it!

Feinstein’s husband, Richard C. Blum, is chairman of C.B. Richard Ellis, or CBRE. Because of his wife, his real estate firm was hired in 2011 to serve as the exclusive agent to the Postal Service, selling facilities from post offices to plots of land worth hundreds of millions of dollars. They claim it was a competitive bid and Blum owns less than 5% of the stock. Blum’s investment firm, Blum Capital Partners, is the real estate company’s fifth-largest institutional shareholder, according to

If any analyst took money through a family member to put out a report that was favourable to a company, you go to jail. Politicians play this game all the time. A family member gets the deal and they pretend it is arm’s length. Hillary “Rodham” Clinton handed a LUCRATIVE deal to her brother Tony Rodham became a board member of a gold mine in Hati with no mining experience. There Joe Biden, when Vice President, stuffed his son on the board of a Ukrainian company. Burisma, a private oil and gas company in Ukraine, announced that it had appointed Hunter Biden, the youngest son of US Vice President Joe Biden, to its board of directors.

The list is too long to even go into. Just like the fake Clinton Foundation that suddenly lost all its contributors when Hillary lost the election, it is standard operating procedure in politics to funnel brides and deals to their family members. They are NEVER prosecuted. It is just unimaginable how this has become standard operating procedure. There is no hope of ending corruption without term limits. End that, and you will end the corruption.


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