Socrates Update World Share Market Indexes

These are the World Stock Indexes Available in the Basic Level

AEX (Dutch) Index Cash
AEX All Share (Netherlands)
All Ordinaries (Australian) Index Cash
Athens Stock Exchange General Index (Greece) Cash
Austrian Traded Index Cash
BEL20 (Belgium) Index Cash
Bist National 100 (Turkey)
Botswana Stock Exchange DMS Companies Index (Botswana)
Bulgaria Stock Exchange Sofix (Bulgaria)
CAC-40 (France) Index Cash
CAC-40 (France) Index Futures
CBOE SPX Volatility VIX (United States)
Colombia Igbc Index (Colombia)
Colombo Stock Exchange All Share (Sri Lanka)
Croatia Crobex (Croatia)
Cyprus FTSE Top 20 Index Cash
DAX (Germany) Index Cash
DAX (Germany) Index Futures
DJGL World $ (Global)
Dow Jones Composite 65 Stock Average (United States)
Dow Jones Industrials Index Cash
Dow Jones Transportation (United States)
Dow Jones Utilities Index Cash
EGX 100 Index (Egypt)
EURO STOXX 50 (Euro)
Euronext 100 (Europe)
FTSE / Athex Large Capital (Greece)
FTSE / JSE All Share (South Africa)
FTSE 100 Index Cash
FTSE 250 (United Kingdom)
FTSE All Share (United Kingdom)
FTSE All World $ (Global)
FTSE All World (Global)
FTSE All-Share (Australian) Index Cash
FTSE Bursa Malaysia KLCI (Cash)
FTSE Developed (Global)
FTSE Emerging (Global)
FTSE Eurotop 100 Euro (Europe)
FTSE Global 100 $ (Global)
FTSE Index Futures
FTSE LATIBEX All Share (Other South American)
FTSE London Gold Mines Index Cash
FTSE Milano Italia Borsa (FTSE MIB) Cash
FTSE Multinationals $ (Global)
FTSE NASDAQ (Dubai UAE) 20 Index Cash
FTSE NASDAQ Qatar 10 Index Cash
FTSE Techmark Focus (United Kingdom)
FTSEurofirst 100 Euro (Europe)
FTSEurofirst 80 Euro (Europe)
Gold & Silver Index Cash
Hang Seng (Hong Kong) Index Futures
Hang Seng Cash Share (Hong Kong) Index Cash
Hang Seng China Affiliated Corporation (Hong Kong)
Hang Seng China Enterprises (Hong Kong)
Hungary Traded Index Cash
IBEX 35 (Spain) Cash
Ibovespa Brasil Sao Paulo Stock Exchange Index Cash
IPC (Mexico) Index Cash
Ireland ISEQ Overall Index Cash
Jakarta Stock Index Cash
Jamaica Stock Exchange Main Index (Jamaica)
Karachi Stock Exchange 100 (Pakistan)
KOSPI (South Korea) 200 Index Cash
KOSPI Composite (South Korea)
Kuwait KIC General (Kuwait)
Lebanon Blom (Lebanon)
Luxembourg Stock Exchange General (Luxembourg)
Madrid Stock Exchange General (Igbm) (Spain)
Malta Stock Exchange MSE (Malta)
MDAX Frankfurt (Germany)
Merval Buenos Aires (Argentina) Index Cash
Morocco All Share (Masi) (Morocco)
MSCI All Country World $ (Global)
MSCI Emerging Markets $ (Global)
MSCI Europe $ (Europe)
MSCI Pacific $ (Pacific)
MSCI Singapore Futures
MSCI World $ (Global)
Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE20) (Kenya)
NASDAQ 100 (United States)
NASDAQ 100 Index Futures
NASDAQ Composite Index Cash
NASDAQ OMX Helsinki (Finland) Cash
New York Stock Exchange Composite (United States)
Next 150 (Europe)
Nifty 500 (India)
NIKKEI Chicago Index Futures
NIKKEI Osaka Index Cash
NIKKEI Singapore Index Futures
NIKKEI Tokyo Index Cash
NIKKEI Tokyo Index Futures
Norway OBX Index
Oil & Gas Stock Index
Oman Muscat Securities Market (Oman)
OMX Copenhagen 20 (Denmark) Index Cash
OMX Copenhagen 20 (OMXC20) (Denmark)
OMX Iceland All Share (Iceland)
OMX Stockholm 30 (OMXS30) (Sweden)
OMX Tallinn (Omxt) (Estonia)
Philippine Stock Exchange Index Cash
PHLX Gold / Silver (United States)
PHLX Oil Service (United States)
Polish Stock Index
Portugal PSI All-Share (Portugal)
Portugal PSI-20 (Portugal)
Prague Stock Exchange (Czech Republic) Index Cash
Prime All Share (Xetra) (Germany)
Romania Bet (Romania)
Russell 1000 Cash (United States)
Russell 2000 Index Cash
Russell 3000 Index Cash
Russian Micex Index (Russia)
Russian Traded Stock Index
S&P / ASX 300 (Australia)
S&P / Australian Stock Exchange 50 (Australia)
S&P / BVL General (Igbvl) (Peru)
S&P / NZX 50 (New Zealand)
S&P / TSE 60 Index (Canada)
S&P 1500 Super Composite (United States)
S&P 400 Mid Cap (United States)
S&P 500 Day Index Futures
S&P 500 Growth (United States)
S&P 500 Index (Globex) Futures
S&P 500 Index Cash
S&P 500 Value (United States)
S&P 600 Small Cap (United States)
S&P Asia 50 $ (Asia)
S&P BSE (100) National (India)
S&P BSE SENSEX Index (India)
S&P Europe (Europe)
S&P Europe 350 (Europe)
S&P Global 100 (Global)
S&P Global 1200 (Global)
S&P Internet Index Cash
S&P Latin America 40 $ (Latin America)
S&P TOPIX 150 Yen (Japan)
S&P/ASX 200 (Australian) Index Cash
S&P/TSX Composite Index Cash
Santiago Stock Exchange (Chile) Index Cash
SBF 120 (France)
Shanghai Composite
Shenzhen Composite
Singapore Cash Share Index
Slovakia SAX 16 (Slovakia)
Slovenian Blue Chip (SBI Top) (Slovenia)
SPI 200 (Australian) Futures
STOXX Europe 50 (Europe)
STOXX Europe 600 Euro (Europe)
Sweden OMX Cash Index
Swiss Market Index Cash
Swiss Market Index Futures
Taiwan Stock Index Cash
Tel Aviv 125 (Israel)
Tel Aviv 35 (Israel) Index Cash
Thailand SET Index Cash
TOPIX Index (Japan) Cash
TR Global $ (Global)
TSE Second Section (Japan)
Tunisia Tunindex (Tunisia)
Venezuela Stock Exchange General (Venezuela)

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