Global Warming People will be the Harbingers of Death

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I too must agree that somehow we should put your computer in charge. You get the timing right on everything that includes disease and even weather. You have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that everything is connected. We have trade wars brewing and civil unrest with the prospect that war will come but in the Middle East, not Korea as you stated in a recent interview. Will these Global Warming people be the same a politicians and refuse to admit that they are ever wrong?


ANSWER: Unfortunately, the Global Warming people were handed $1 billion for their pretend research. They will NEVER admit that they have manipulated the data to justify their pretend science. If they came out and admitted the truth, assuming they would never be charged criminally for fraud as they should be, their funding would be cut off. Once you pay these people mountains of cash, there is no way they will reveal that there is no Global Warming. So the cold now they also attribute to Global Warming that they changed the words to Climate Change, and attribute “volatility” to the human activity itself. It is amazing. We cannot carry out Keynesian-Marxist manipulation of the economy, but we can manipulate the entire climate of the planet.

A lot of people will die because of these pompous money-grubbers who will prove to be the real Harbingers of Death.

At least when Joseph interpreted the Pharaoh’s dream, he listened, and save countless lives. Today, these false prophets will ensure we are not prepared for the cold and a lot of people will die from disease and starvation. That trend alone has also contributed to creating war. On top of that, there are people who simply refuse to listen. They will not move and soon as interest rates rise, they will be unable to sell their homes and then will be trapped.


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