Mueller – the Secret Agent of the Deep State?

Robert Mueller’s team members are the people who destroyed Arthur Anderson. When the firm finally got to the Supreme Court, they overruled Mueller’s team for what they had done was unconstitutional. Well, they are back at it. This is what is wrong with our legal system. Prosecutors act with immunity and can do whatever they want FIRST and it is the burden of the great unwashed to go to court to argue what they have done was illegal. Then you cannot sue them. They are always ABOVE the law. That has to change if we are to go on and pretend we are a nation of free people and the rule of law. This time they are once again acting unconstitutionally and destroying the Attorney-Client Privilege. They think they are slick and going after Trump’s lawyer for paying a hooker to keep quiet. What they are really trying to do is see if Trump paid the $130,000 payoff. This is clearly a vendetta for this has nothing to do with Russia preventing their chosen leader Hillary from ruling the world.

Mueller is part of the Deep State and he is now running lose with the power to destroy the country going far beyond the intended investigation. This is how they operate in the Department of Just Us. If they cannot prove a case against someone for what they thought they did, then comes phase two – prosecute them on anything else they can find. The mindset is that nobody is innocent – they just lack the evidence to prove they were right all along. So they then prosecute people for anything else they can find.

In the United States, the rule of law is one of the worst in the world despite the propaganda they fill children’s head with equal protection and justice for all. There are only privileges against testifying that are limited to your clergy–penitent privilege, spouse, and your lawyer. They routinely will torture your family and threaten your children with contempt imprisonment for life if they refuse to testify against a parent or a parent against their own child. The US government comes before God and family. There are no ethics or morality when you look into the eyes of a prosecutor like Mueller. They are just inhuman people who see themselves as God and jury. There is a coldness in their eyes as if they have no soul for they know they have absolute immunity and are above all laws.

If you are divorced, then there is no longer a spouse privilege.  The Supreme Court refused to take a case in 2015 where a priest could be forced to testify against someone confessing their sins. The Louisiana Supreme Court refused to recognize any clergy–penitent privilege. The hatred of religion among many Democrats was exposed in the email leaks during the campaign. Hillary’s staff said Catholics are “severely backwards” and further demeaned them saying they don’t know “what the hell they’re talking about.”Then you have Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi who recently said: “They pray in church on Sunday and then prey on people the rest of the week.” Neither Pelosi nor Hillary have any respect for the law, the country, no less religion.

It is no wonder why Mueller is doing what he is doing. Mueller wanted to be a prosecutor when he left law school. He was rejected and joined the San Francisco firm of Pillsbury, Madison & Sutro out of law school. He later became an assistant US Attorney (prosecutor). Mueller joined the DOJ, or Department of Just Us, in 1989 and spearheaded the prosecution of Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega, which many saw as a cover-up since Noriega was working with drugs and the CIA. Then Mueller took charge of the DOJ’s criminal division in 1990, where he oversaw the Lockerbie bombing case and formed the agency’s first cyber-dedicated unit. He then returned to private practice in 1993 as a partner at Hale and Dorr to make some serious money. After lining his pockets based on influence, which is why such firms hire former prosecutors, he returned to prosecuting people. Mueller loved prosecuting people. Perhaps he gets a rush from going after people.

Mueller then returned to the Department of Just Us taking on a lower-level job in the homicide division of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia in 1995. He quickly advanced to the chief of homicide and then moved to the U.S. attorney for the Northern District of California from 1998 to early 2001. He then took the position of deputy attorney general under George Bush. That is when he worked hand-in-hand with Ashcroft and denied prosecutors any credit for their work unless someone goes to jail. Mueller and Ashcroft converted the USA into the largest prison system in the world surpassing all of Europe combined, China, and Russia. Nobody has more people in prison for non-violent crimes than the USA where people are supposed to be free.

What Mueller has done with Trump’s lawyer is no different from what the Louisiana Supreme Court did commanding a priest must reveal what people say in confession. They can already turn parents against children or the other way around and a divorce eliminates any privilege of a spouse. No doubt, they will even use separation agreements for that one as well. So what is left? It is starting to look like you cannot talk to anyone from your spouse and children to a priest or lawyer about anything and you better just pray silently in the backyard and do not even go to church. There is nothing left with any respect whatsoever.

The Superior Court of Pennsylvania held that a company waived the attorney-client privilege when it forwarded an email containing legal advice to one of its consultants, a public relations firm; see BouSamra v. Excela Health, 167 A.3d 728 (Pa. Super. Ct. 2017). That means if you ever forward any email from a lawyer to anyone else, they will claim you “waived” all privileges and now the attorney can be coerced to testify against you. There is no privilege with your accountant. They can threaten them with contempt imprisonment if they refuse to testify against you for any reason. Government comes before everything and anyone. We live not in some mythical free society, but we have been reduced to the great unwashed to be here as economic slaves to exploit for the amusement of the rulers who pretend to be elected.

This is the true definition of absolute tyranny. Mueller protected the Deep State in the Noriega case. It looks like he is the main secret agent of the Deep State in an all-out war against the Trump Administration. To accomplish that goal, Mueller will destroy the family, the legal privilege, and God. Anyone who stands in his way he will destroy with absolute immunity.




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