Juncker Celebrates 200th Birthday of Karl Marx

The head of the EU, Jean-Claude Juncker celebrates the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx in Germany. What is really stunning, is that Karl Marx is not merely the champion of Communism which he adopted from the French Commune experiment during the French Revolution, he is responsible for killing tens of millions of people, more than all the wars combined. So many people gave their lives for Marx’s ideology and Juncker seems to ignore all of that and the failure of Marxism in Russia and China. NATO exist today all because of Marx.

To celebrate Karl Marx is just unbelievable. Juncker has forgotten even the cold war. Marx advocated suppressing the people and telling them to turn in their parents if they criticise the state because the state is who really takes care of you.

Juncker must agree with Marxism to celebrate it. This is like celebrating the birthday of Charles Manson. Marx advocated you had no freedom to choose your profession for the state decided that aspect of your life. He also advocated taking all wealth from the “rich” and handing it to the state politicians. That is most likely what Juncker simply admires. This is in itself a demonstration of exactly how the EU looks at its role today.

We live in a very dangerous era for this is the collapse of Marxism and they will fight back with every ruthless means possible to save their theory of living off of other people’s money. There simply is no other theory which has been implemented that was so anti-human rights while pretending to be all loving, caring, and compassionate.

Celebrating the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx is outright celebrating not just the murder of hundreds of millions of people, it is also celebrating the Great Divide that now exists and is setting the stage for yet another vicious confrontation on a global scale. Marx has probably been far more influential than even Jesus Christ or Muhammed. There are far more left-wing people than any single religion all justifying taking other people’s money so they can have a better life. So when someone breaks into your house at gunpoint to rob you, be compassionate for he is a true Marxist who really believes in sharing even if it is by force and you are the one not playing nicely.

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