Illinois to Assault the Entire Internet – They May End Up With Businesses Refusing to Deal With People in Illinois

The Supreme Court’s decision to allow every state to tax the internet is complete insanity. Sources in Illinois are warning that the state is bankrupt and it now intends to wage an all-out assault upon the internet. They may, in the end, simply force many small companies to REFUSE to do business with anyone who lives in Illinois. From a business perspective, all you get are costs. They do not pay you to collect their taxes, and in the end, they subject you to huge fines, penalties, and prison for a job that amounts to indentured servitude. Where are the class action lawyers to make that argument? On top of that, if a policeman from New Jersey has NO JURISDICTION to arrest someone in another state, then how can the state impose forced employment on persons from other states? Constitutionally they cannot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They also violate the Commerce Clause.

Expect California to be next. We are looking at the real destruction of the economy. What if every nation then follows the same design because everyone is going broke trying to cover their own pensions? So to sell anything on the internet you suddenly have to file papers even stating you sold nothing in 50 states inside the USA. Using the same legal principles, then at the United Nations, the member states are 193 in total. Would a small business then have to file also in 193 countries and then state and provinces within each stating they DID NOT conduct business in their jurisdiction or go to prison?

If you asked how the West could collapse and everything move to China, the Supreme Court just delivered the means to accomplish that result. The problem is that Congress could overrule that, but they will not because they are NOT the representatives of the people. They represent the government. Someone MUST create a petition to Donald Trump directly. He would at least understand the problem.

Illinois should either dissolve itself or go bankrupt to end the pensions they cannot renegotiate.

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