The Great Alignment on Schedule

QUESTION: Dear Martin,

I’ve been revisiting your notes over and over, and it seems that the potential for a False Move is finally in the making, both in the Dow, Gold, Dollar, etc.

You gave 2018 and 2020 as the key turning points for this to unfold, for the trading trap to suck people in, before the markets align. Is this window of time still valid? Will 2020 be the final alignment, with 2032 the next big turning point to complete the cycle?

Always grateful for your work,


ANSWER: What these people who also tout gold will rise and nothing else fail to understand, is when confidence in government collapses, EVERYTHING rises. The Great Alignment appears to be on schedule. Part of this has been the Trump Revolution which is really a worldwide event and it is NOT a LEFT v RIGHT event – it is really just throw out the career politicians whoever they may be because people are tired of the lies. Therefore, this alignment is far more than just markets. It’s a shift in CONFIDENCE that drives many trends. It also incorporates the Pension Crisis which helps to undermine the belief system of the people in government.

Therefore, I am bringing all the events around the world together so you can connect the dots. Some people think I am simply supporting Trump. They miss the entire point. Trump is part of this change in trend. He beat 17 career politicians. This is not about if he says crazy things or whatever. He is there BECAUSE this is part of the entire trend just as the new 28-year old waitress/bartender suddenly changed the Democratic Party. You have to look beyond the image to pierce deeply into the substance to see the trend.

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