Is the Climate Change Preparation for the Pole Shift?


A reader sent this is where ice storms are happening daily this summer in Calgary, Canada. In Bavaria, where I am currently, it is the hottest in 200 years. The temperature is in the 90s (32c) and hotels, restaurants do not have air conditioning because it never gets hot here. Then in Ukraine, which it is typically in the 90s for the summer, they are experiencing the coldest summer with temperatures in the 70s.

In Greenland, birds migrate there for the summer to create offspring. This year, summer never came. Indeed, crops are failing around the world from either too much heat or too much cold. It appears that where it is normally hot, the climate is becoming cold. Where it is cold, it is becoming hot.

Many scientists are starting to wonder what is going on. It certainly is not Global Warming since that theory implies consistency. Some are wondering if this is a prelude to the climate is shifting thanks to a possible pole shift. The problem, nobody knows what this means. The last time the poles flipped was 720,000 years ago. We have no model to clearly define the end result. Will we suddenly be frozen with a spoon in our mouth at breakfast? Perhaps we are entering more than just a major Sixth Wave in the ECM. Maybe the weather is also conspiring to shift the financial capital from the West to the East.

Still, the other school of thought is pointing to volcanos. It’s abundantly clear that there is also such a thing as volcanic weather, which can be highly dangerous. These astonishing changes historically also remind us that volcanic events have long affected weather systems and have even transformed the Earth’s climate dramatically. They have changed weather also by prolonged gaseous effusions. In recent times they’ve occasionally canceled out summers or triggered droughts and may be doing exactly that once again.

The major eruption of Tambora created the year without a summer where it snowed in New York City in July. Volcanism has disrupted the atmosphere altering our climate. For brief moments, the realization that lava flows can drive machinations in the sky makes such meteorological manifestations seem very close to magic. Heat rises and lava is about as hot as it gets. Many fear that the increase in volcanic activity is disrupting the climate that needs to be studied closely but is being ignored because you cannot tax nature.

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