What Politics Regards us as the Great Unwashed & We the Subjects not People

Many questions have come in about connecting the dots. I want to explain a critical point. Both Democrats & Republicans have one thing in common. They do not consider us “We the People” but rather “We the Subjects” which is a significant difference for we are also the Great Unwashed. Both John McCain & John Boehner had no problem abusing the power of the system against those who wanted the Drain the Swamp before Trump. It also explains McCain’s hatred for Trump.  This is why I see no difference. After each election, the new people coming to Washington are taken to a briefing and instructed of HOW things are done on the Hill.

When the Tea Party showed up, more than 80 people were then in Congress and they refused to follow Boehner blindly. He could no longer cut deals and deliver a guaranteed Republican vote. He started to compromise and relied on Democrats. The common bond was they were all against these new people who wanted to actually change things. I personally knew and had been to the office Congressman Walter Jones who Boehner targeted and directed money to have him lose his re-election all because he supported Ron Paul.

I get hate emails from Democrats who foam at the mouth against Trump. They are clueless about the fact they are regarded as stupid and mindless “subjects” there for the politicians to manipulate. They get everyone all worked up using the social issues like women’s rights that no president could change for that has been decided by the Supreme Court. Yet behind the curtain, they will drink together and even party together and laugh at how stupid the Great Unwashed really are.

They count on the media to keep the “subjects” actually foaming at the mouth and that way they never use their brain to figure out that they are just mindless pawns in a political game. Even the nonsense over such fights for appointments to the Supreme Court is a joke. There are plenty of cases where two justices appointed by Republicans are on opposite sides. They will NEVER vote just because Obama or Trump appoint one justice. They have their own egos and that is more than party loyalty. They cannot be removed from office. There is no power any politician can exercise over them. So why fight so hard and pretend we need a specific president to “shape” the court? What they are really saying is there is no definitive rule of law!

They are out to take down Trump at all costs because to them he is trying to Drain the Swamp like the Tea Party before him. Now you are messing with their power base and that is both sides. In the Cohen case, they subpoenaed Trump’s accountant and gave him immunity. They are looking to set up criminal charges and then will blackmail Trump to try to force him to resign. This is NOT about Trump as an individual, this is all about keeping the swamp filled. He cannot be impeached for any act PRIOR to becoming President and anything that took place during the campaign is a gray area. Make no mistake about it, BOTH Republicans and Democrats are behind the curtain cooperating on this one. Just as they were out to destroy the Tea Party, they have targeted Trump and this is all about PRESERVING the establishment – the Great Swamp. They keep the Great Unwashed ignorant and foaming at the mouth about how horrible Trump is and how he must go. They have no idea what comes next. They have not seen anything yet.

They are also intent on preventing Trump from cutting any deal with Putin that would expose the truth behind the entire Magnitsky Act affair. The bankers who manipulated the commodities were trying to take over Russia to control the commodities. They got Yeltsin to take $7 billion from the IMF loans. Once he stole the money, Safra’s Republic National Bank ran to the prosecutors to start the Bank of New York case. CNN even reported the money was from the IMF loans. A few months into the case, the story was changed to a ransom for a Russian businessman. This is why Putin said no problem – Mueller can go to Russia provided he could interrogate Browder and Intelligence officials in the USA. Seems like a fair request.

They are covering up that there were at least the bankers who interfered in the Russian elections to gain control of the gold, platinum, diamonds, and oil. I was asked to invest $10 billion into their Hermitage Capital venture and refused. We have Browder running around claiming to be Putin’s number one enemy, but NOT a single news organization bothers to verify the facts or even see that it was Edmond Safra who controlled Hermitage Capital. Browder took control only AFTER Safra was killed – probably by Putin.

The Deep State is fighting very hard and needs to take Trump down to ensure this story that there were people in the USA attempting to interfere in the Russian elections back in 1999 which is how Putin even came to power. They fight to make sure this story is NEVER exposed and becomes covered by the mainstream press. Proof that this is a cover-up, the Senate unanimously passed a resolution that stated Putin can NEVER question any Americans about interfering in Russian elections. They would not pass such a resolution UNLESS there was something to hide. If Putin is crazy, then say yes, Mueller gets to question Russians and let Putin question Americans. You refuse such a deal ONLY because it might expose something. This was UNANIMOUS confirming that it is BOTH Democrats & Republicans – the Deep State.

They will blackmail Trump to keep this all quiet. They really have to take him down for this reason. They are covering their ass.


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