Understanding the New Age of Inflation

QUESTION: As an avid reader of your daily BLOG, I’m well aware of the attempt to abolish cash, potential freezing of bank accounts, years of negative or near zero interest rates and “helicopter money” from the government are all likely scenarios in the near to distant future. Without compromising any of your business or proprietary agreements, positions of interest, or ethics, can you suggest or provide some alternatives as to measures to take to avoid this historical “train wreck” we a doomed to experience.
May GOD have mercy on our souls!

ANSWER: I get a lot of inquiries on this subject. It is much more than I can relate in just a blog post. So I flew to Germany to do another documentary on this subject matter. I believe it will be released in a matter of weeks. I am also putting the finishing touches on a book on inflation and hyperinflation. I am also desperately trying to get this out also before the WEC this November which I hope will put forth a completely new approach to understanding inflation not just for the individual, but to central bankers and politicians as well.

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