Did Browder Have Magnitsky Killed?

The Russian prosecutors on Monday has begun a criminal investigation into Bill Browder of ordering the murder of accountant Sergei Magnitsky and several other business associates. Anyone who has watched the banned film on Magnitsky is left with that very impression that something is not quite right. It really made no sense for Putin to kill Magnitsky who was in prison for the way prosecutors function worldwide is to put pressure on a person to testify against others. That is precisely how Mueller is operating in his attempt to go after Trump by charges anyone he can around Trump.

Magnitsky would have been a witness against Browder and Edmond Safra of Republic National Bank which would have exposed a lot more behind the truth involving Hermitage Capital and the forced resignation of Yeltsin with the rise of Putin. If we ask who would have benefited by the murder of Magnitsky it certainly would NOT have been Putin or the Russian government. Since Magnitsky was not Browder’s lawyer but his accountant, then he would have been able to testify about Hermitage Capital which was the company that Safra’s operation was trying to get me to invest in $10 billion to “control” Russia. I rejected the proposal but I believe that if anyone would have had an incentive to eliminate Magnitsky if we follow the money, it does not lead to Putin.

It has bee speculated that for Browder to get the Magnitsky Act passed in Washington, he allegedly donated money to the bill’s sponsor’s “Institute” – John McCain.

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