Reversals v Technical Analysis

QUESTION: Hello Mr. Armstrong, Thank you for your services and commitment to society! I read your Blog daily and the wealth of information you provide is breathtaking. My question, is it possible to add a service to the GMW, where we can draw our personalized trendlines and where Socrates would provide us our Reversals based on our chart drawings, similar to what you provided to those that were on the Beta version of Socrates? This would be a fantastic added service that can be charged on a per month or yearly basis. I have had a difficult time finding on the internet a charting system that is simple and straightforward as your Socrates system.

Also, if you need future assistance with the “medical” Socrates, I would be honored to assist freely. I have over 25+ years in the medical field and can relate 100% what you went through with your mom during her last days here on earth. Your situation is very common and that was one of the main reason I left the medical field and searched for another career. The medical industry is very corrupt from the CEO’s, pharmaceutical companies, physician all the way down to the nurses, therapist, x-ray tech and so on. We need to change our system. Currently, hospitals are places to avoid, they are a revolving door and once you are admitted to the hospital, there is no way out.

Thank you for your time.


ANSWER: The Reversals are not generated from technical analysis. They are based entirely upon physics with very complex formulas. Therefore, technical analysis can provide visual confirmation and target objectives. Timing is the dominant factor, for if you run out of time before a Directional Change, then the Reversals will confirm or deny a change in that directional trend.

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