Creativity is the Key to Everything

A professor at Princeton University once told me I reminded him of Einstein. I was shocked. I said I was nothing like Einstein, and I certainly did not advance society as he did. He then said to me that it was not the subject matter that he was referring to. He said it was my curiosity and that I liked to explore and uncover what made things really tick in my own field. He explained that the key to everything was simply being curious. Without that aspect, we would discover nothing.

There are many studies of geniuses or gifted children. But what many do not realize is that children have also invented things from trampolines to ice pops (see: 10 Great Inventions Dreamt Up By Children).

People often write in to ask what I would recommend for children to study. I believe science is the far better field because you have to actually prove something works. The social sciences are not science at all. They are just like reading fiction. Whatever the subject matter a child may be interested in, supplement them with programming. That is how you understand to read and write. Once you understand a subject matter, then you may be able to code something that changes the world. Encourage their curiosity. As long as they have that trait, then they will be the explorer of worlds for the future.

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