Why the CNN Fake News & Others are a Major Threat to Democracy

We think of false information as a domestic problem that Trump is in the battle with CNN and the term “fake news” is just political talk. It’s far more dangerous than that. The history books confirm that the Spanish American War was created by the press falsely reporting an attack that never took place.

The Spanish–American War was an armed conflict between Spain and the United States in 1898. This was a tremendous economic crisis. It began with the Panic of 1893 followed by the Panic of 1896 when J.P. Morgan had to arrange for a gold loan to bail-out the US Treasury from bankruptcy. The historical high in Call Money rates came in 1899 reaching nearly 200%. The USA was an economic basket case so the war became possible as a means to blame anyone else for the tremendous economic chaos of the period. So, the fake news succeeded because of economics.

Once again, we are faced with a similar situation because we have the Democrats constantly bashing Russia for the loss of Hillary in the 2016 election. They have managed to convince 70% of Democrats that Russia is a mortal enemy and that has lit the fuse to war using any excuse from here on out. This is EXTREMELY dangerous because as the economy gets worse, they will not merely blame Trump, but want to start a war with Russia.

Now take the question of who really bombed the oil tankers in the Persian Gulf. Was it Iran, as the Deep State assured us? Or was it Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Israel—or some combination of the three? Inside sources explain that nobody really knows.

Trump pulled back the attack on Iran because there was no real proof and then Iran shot down the unarmed drone. The Deep State sprung into action and the planes took off and Trump called them back. He said it was inappropriate to kill Iranians for shooting down a drone with no loss of American life. The Deep State was not very happy with that call.

For days after the attacks on the oil tankers, I was informed that nobody was sure who did what. Given the tensions in the region, there was a good chance these actions were part of a false flag operation by outsiders to trigger a war between the United States and Iran. Some even suggested it was Russia to force the USA to be the aggressor. Even people who have had 30 years of government service, this was a truly shocking incident. The attacks seemed all-too-convenient to support a neocon minded Deep State agenda – the same agenda that justified the Iraq War.

Are we in the midst of a real Deep State neocon grip of a conspiracy theory? Can we really smell a conspiracy theory a mile away anymore when the news is now part of the propaganda agenda?

There are many people who quietly believe that the tanker attacks were a false flag. To some, they blame the Saudis. After all, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has called for a conflict.  Many bought the idea that Iran thinks it can win a war against the United States so they threw in that scenario as well as painting Iran as just idiotic. Then they said this was why the Iranians who attacked a Japanese tanker. However, the Japanese prime minister was visiting Tehran at the time. It didn’t really seem to be plausible that Iran would attack a tanker when the head of state was visiting their country.

This entire debate over fake news has tried desperately to paint Trump as just evil. However, fake news has focused on domestic politics and particularly elections. The Russian interference on President Donald Trump’s behalf in 2016 has been beaten into the heads of everyone so much it has become an accepted fact.

The claims of the National Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, and Federal Bureau of Investigation in February 2017 and the Mueller Report, were great to cement that fake news, but there is really no evidence and our computer correctly forecast the election based upon political and economic trends.

The fake news’ implications for foreign policy are far more dangerous and far-reaching. This is the stuff that creates world wars. Fake news combined with economic decline produces wars. Misinformation in geopolitics undermines our freedom and weakens the public confidence in government as an institution. Unfortunately, this is part of the cycle as we head into 2032 — the total collapse in the confidence of government itself.

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