Orchestrating the Coming Totalitarianism

QUESTION: Hello Martin,

Thank you for your courage and your willingness to report the truth whilst all we get is a “web of lies” from the “Deep State” and their grand partners, the mainstream media. My questions centers around the purported quote from Ezra Pound, “The problem with modern war is that it gives no one the chance to kill the right people.” I can’t think of a more poignant statement when considering the events of COVID, the 2020 election and now the orchestration of WWIII. It feels like little by little the people are beginning to wake up to what’s going on in Ukraine but the link you gave that “65% of Americans support Ukraine” is, to say the least, disheartening. Where should we look for our “ray of light’ aside from above?

Thank you for all you do for us “second hand citizens” of the 99%.


REPLY: We must understand that war is simply an extension of politics. It is no different than observing two drunks in a bar who suddenly turn to violence because one did not like the way the other looked at him.  The real war criminals are those who create the wars and the people as well as the soldiers are really the victims. Most are simply brainwashed and that is part of the demonizing tactic they always employ to whip up the hatred of the people against a political foe.

The West has deliberately created this war. They NEED it to default on all the debt and create a new world order thereafter with a new digital currency that the IMF is always proposing using Blockchain so that if I gave you $100, they will know where I got it and every person down the lie. Technology has opened their mind to envision a whole new era of totalitarianism.


This movement against the people took place when they were shocked by the Trump victory. Suddenly “democracy” became the evil “populism” and they immediately began an outright war against Trump not from just the Democrats, but the career Republicans were all out in force to undermine Trump because the UNI-PARTY of career politicians do not want non-politicians playing in their sandbox.


This is why point 8 in Schwab’s Great Reset is to end our right to vote. How dare we think that we have any right to tell those above what they should do? We are the dirt beneath their feet.

It is the same age-old issue. Those above believe THEY are the sovereign – not we the great unwashed. We are to simply obey, pay taxes, and die in battle when THEY want to oppose another elite for power.


Marcus’ new film on corruption at the International Criminal Court (ICC) of Justice says it all. They want to indict Putin for war crimes when they have no such authority, but they need this to justify creating WWIII. The ICC has NO JURISDICTION over non-member states. The US, UK, Russia, and China are all non-members. Therefore, the ICC cannot indict even a US soldier for a war crime no less a head of state.

Tony Blair has publicly admitted that he takes full responsibility for the Gulf War. Yet the ICC cannot indict him. They are desperate to indict Putin so they can beat their war drums and declare ALL Russians must be exterminated. To show the corruption, the ICC is desperate to indict Putin. If they do, then legally they have not just violated their very authority, but George Bush and Tony Blair would also be indicted on the same principle. You cannot have one set of rules for one country that are not honored for all. This is the corruption going on in the ICC and it is all theater to create WWIII.

This is all taking place so they can justify their sovereign defaults and create a new world order with Bretton Woods II and this time the IMF will be handed the reserve currency using blockchain to ensure we surrender all our privacy and rights into the future.

When you or your children die on the battlefield, you are surrendering your life for the future of totalitarianism.


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