There no such thing as Random Walks in Markets or Economics


COMMENT: Marty, I really cannot thank you enough. Socrates called yesterday as the turning point and it was the strongest one of the week. We got the bounce when everyone was in a panic state claiming that the Fed would not have to lower rates. They really do not understand central banks as you alone have explained many times. There was no way the Fed would lower rates and undermine its credibility by suspending its inflation fight now. That would blow all credibility and lead to panic for sure. The Fed will not change because of SVB for that would undermine financial stability completely.

I am not sure just how much Socrates helps traders and society.


REPLY: I do realize that Socrates could run the economy far better than any human. It is my hope that it proves itself over the course of now and 2032 and that people will look back upon these forecasts and at last comprehend that there is truly a hidden order in what people think are just random walks.

Here is the Array published on March 1st. It forecast the high for the 6th with a turning point, a Panic Cycle for the 9th, and then the turning point on the 13th for a low. This was clearly published in advance of the SVB failure. This raises the question, how can a computer possibly predict such a Panic would take place on the 9th long before anyone heard about SVB? This is NOT my personal opinion. You do not see me running ads saying this is the guy who had forecast whatever. Socrates has taught me a lot about market behavior.

Just as Edward Lorenz ran what appeared to be random weather data into a computer and out came the most perplexing image of a hidden order that existed in what the human eye could see only randomness.  He became the father of Chaos Theory, which to this day, prevents us from seeing the future as part of a pattern that has been set in motion.

My real hope is that the world will come to recognize that there is a hidden order to everything that most are blinded by the appearance of randomness – chaos. We need to understand how everything works if we are to reconstruct a new form of government after the great collapse of governments post-2032.

NOTHING is RANDOM – That Cannot Exist

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