The Blacklash against Indicting Trump Maybe Greater Than Anyone Thinks

COMMENT #1: Mr. Armstrong,
As I watched the media coverage of Trump’s arraignment, not guilty plea, and release of the indictment with the charges I’ve concluded as you have been arguing that we have crossed the rubicon. The 34 counts of the indictment to my legally untrained mind read as the criminalization of standard politics. What political campaign doesn’t include hiring people to look out for potentially negative press and seeking to limit the candidate’s exposure? By this indictment’s standard, pretty much every political campaign is a criminal enterprise. This is insane. I’ve generally been more libertarian-leaning in my politics and didn’t vote for Trump and even I can see this is a joke. I’ll be voting for him if we get an election in 2024. Unfortunately for the rest of us it isn’t funny and essentially seals the fate of the nation going into 2027-28 as you’ve indicated. Thanks for keeping us informed during these tumultuous times.
All the best from East Texas,

COMMENT #2: Good evening Mr. Martin,

As I’m watching this Trump shitshow on live french tv I’m wondering…

It seems that he got out to free, waiting for the trial that won’t take place before the next election.
Can he still run for presidency?
If yes, the fact that he is not in jail, does this mean that the deep state has no choice but to go to war as soon as possible ?

By the way, the French minister of defense announced today that the limit age to be on the reserve army is now 70 years old… that alone is telling a lot !

Despite all this news, the cac40 and Dax are almost at their ath. It is a mystery for I was expecting the capital to go to the US already…

I wish you and your team the best! Keep up the amazing work for this is the only light at the end of the tunnel, and it is not a fret train this time 😉



REPLY: I can’t even count all the emails coming one. Many are from those who never voted for Trump and all say that they would now vote for him in 2024. I myself must admit that I had thought Trump had gone past the “Best by Date” but instead of this hurting Trump, it seems to be boosting his support. When I look at the computer and even just the chart patterns, we can easily see that the Democrats are in a major decline and they have not even reached the Downtrend Line where as the Republicans have broken through.

Even the Arrays showed an important Directional Change in 2023. This indictment of Trump is outrageous and it will backfire on the Democrats according to the computer – NOT my personal opinion.



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