Lament – for the End is Growing Closer

QUESTION: How can one, specifically Trump be charged with covering up an unproven mystery crime that by definition he is innocent of (innocent until proven guilty)? And why does no one mention this.


ANSWER: This entire thing is doing nothing but bringing down the respect of the entire legal system. I knew the New York legal system was a cesspool. But now you are exposing it to the whole world. The judge should be removed. He has sat on Trump cases before. If I file anything in the Supreme Court, Justice Sotomayor immediately recuses herself because she sat on my case in the Second Circuit and even disagreed with the majority which got me into the Supreme Court before she moved there. To pretend he can still preside is a slap in the face and only shows the case is rigged.

Then this Alvan Bragg is out of control. He threatened Congressman Jordan, warning him not to protect Trump implying that would be a conspiracy. What will this rouge prosecutor do now? Charge all the Republicans in Congress with conspiracy?

Pelosi is a total disgrace. How can someone presiding as the Speaker of the House declare Trump is GUILTY and he MUST prove his innocence? She has no understanding of the Constitution. In all honesty, she has rejected the very foundation of a free society. She should then go surrender NOW for all the inside trading she has done and the burden should be her’s to PROVE she is innocent.

Then we should apply her standard to Biden and his son Hunter. They are guilty and are therefore unfit to preside as President until he PROVES their innocence. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect the indictment of a former head of state for anything should of treason like Nixon and Bill Clinton who everyone knew committed perjury? The US never use the law to go after political rivals as they do in Ukraine and South America. That is the hallmark of dictatorships.

This was so unnecessary for it will be just another dividing issue to ensure that the United States will be impossible to stand as a united country with 50% always against the other 50% and now the law is being weaponized for political gain.

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