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What you learn through the news is mere propaganda. They all tell the same stories and expect their audience to listen and share what they were told as fact. The media may tailor their news to certain audiences, conservative or liberal, but make no mistake about it – they control everything you think you may know.

A Joe Rogan episode exposed this truth, showing countless news streams echoing one another verbatim. People think that the world is worse today than ever before, but they did not have a 24/7 news cycle in the past. It is easier than ever before to control the masses through the media. Some countries openly censor their media content. For some reason, we in the West believe that we have access to unbiased reporting. Whoever controls the media is controlling the narrative.



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Less than 40 years ago, over 50 companies owned various aspects of American media. Only six corporations now own 90% of the media — AT&T, CBS, Comcast, Disney, News Corp, and Viacom. Often referred to as the “Big 6” these titans control a combined $430 billion in assets, and their span goes far beyond standard news channels. They control music, magazines, video games, movies, and most forms of entertainment.


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Subliminal messaging is always present. You may not believe that they are influencing you, but it is almost impossible to avoid. That is why I offer this blog free of charge. I am beholden to no one; I will speak my truth even when it goes against the greater narrative. This is why they frequently ban or arrest independent journalists and paint truth seekers as conspiracy theorists. At least people in countries like China or North Korea realize they are being fed pre-selected messages that are designed to paint an identical reality to the masses.  The truth does exist if you care to seek it out yourself because they will not report it in the mainstream media.


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