Biometrics to Track Malaria?

“For the first time in history, a biometric solution will be applied to track and trace the delivery of malaria vaccines, helping to save lives,” the World Economic Forum stated. The globalists want our individual biometric data in order to program each individual into a centralized database. Again, they begin all testing on the most vulnerable and desperate countries that do not have the resources to object to aid. The WEF is now stating that it must begin collecting individual biometric data to defeat malaria.

The WEF mentions that one in four children are unregistered at birth, a big problem for governments who need to track and tax everyone. Yet the WEF is framing this as a health risk, stating that health workers need access to medical records. They claim that a mere birth certificate is not enough since it is a manual process that is prone to errors. “Moreover, there is a need to bring these biometric solutions to remote areas in global health contexts, often lacking connectivity and electricity. But this is starting to change,” the website states.

Simprints, a UK social enterprise; NEC, a Japanese technology company; and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, have all come together to develop the WEF’s “first scalable child biometric system.” The WEF has locked in on Ghana as its first target. The malaria vaccine requires four doses, and those wishing to have their children vaccinated must submit that child’s biometric data.

“Like all sensitive data, using biometrics requires robust technical and legal protections. Privacy-by-design must be baked in from the ground up through data siloing, encryption and strict consent protocols,” the website states. Who will have access to this data? How can we ensure it will be encrypted? We know their plans for the Great Reset – they will be using any data available for the coming global database. This is the first step toward eliminating birth certificates and forcing all new lives to submit their individual biometrics to the system.

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