Ray Epps Charged

The events that occurred on January 6, 2021, were likely facilitated by the federal government to draw the public’s eye away from the election fraud that took place. It was a success as they painted Trump supporters as domestic terrorists and continue to demonize the “MAGA extremists.” Countless reports have surfaced about a man by the name of Ray Epps who is believed to be installed by the Deep State to instigate the entire Capitol breech. “I’m probably gonna go to jail for this. Tomorrow, we need to go into the Capitol,” Epps can be heard on video saying on January 5.

Epps was listed as one of the top 20 rioters on the FBI’s list, but only temporarily, as his name was scrubbed from their website. On January 8, the FBI released pictures of the men removing the barricade and asking for any information leading to their arrests. Yet, the same image was later posted with Epps photoshopped out of the picture. Ray Epps became synonymous with MAGA extremists, Qanon conspiracy theorists, and no one was allowed to question his involvement. Epps even sued Tucker Carlson when he was still affiliated with Fox for defamation. This came on the heels of Fox losing its lawsuit to Dominion for rigging election machines, making Epps’ claim even more viable.

Yet, the evidence is there that FBI agents were on the ground. In the video above, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) questioned Jill Sanborn, Executive Assistant Director, National Security Branch of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. “I can’t answer that,” Sanborn replied to every question. Sanborn refused to say whether Epps was an FBI agent. Her silence should tell us all we need to know. This is why the public has lost all trust in the government.

Was Epps charged with instigating the riot? No. He was simply charged with one count of disorderly conduct. The FBI already knew he was present, and they have spent the past three years arresting absolutely everyone involved. So why, three years later, would the FBI slap one of the most vocal proponents for entering the Capitol with a misdemeanor? It seems information is going to come to light and the FBI is covering its tracks now. They admit he was there but will they admit he was acting on behalf of the Democrats and the Deep State?

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