Colony Ridge – Migrant Town Run by Cartels in Rural Texas

Secretive migrant towns filled with undocumented persons are springing up in the US. The largest known town is located in Colony Ridge, Texas, and spans 60 square miles. No one knows exactly how many people are living there, but the general estimate is 75,000. Who has the money to buy properties and support these towns? First, the US government is providing aid to all illegals since they need them here. Secondly, the drug cartels who came into our country to escape prosecution on their own.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said he plans to crack down on these colonies in October because it simply has gone too far. The Liberty County Sheriff, Bobby Rader, said that his department is unable to help due to the current laws. “I’ve heard rumors that the cartel is buying up these houses,” Rader said. “We don’t have any access. If they don’t break the law we don’t know about it. We can’t go and knock on doors and ask if people are doing it. It’s a problem. It’s a big, big problem.”

The media has buried the stories, but numerous murders, rapes, and drug overdoses have occurred as there is no law and order. One Mexican national is on the run after murdering a family of five from Honduras, including an 8-year-old girl. Last June, a local dog brought home a human hand. The body was too decomposed to identify. Last September, a 16-year-old girl from Honduras was found dead in a ditch wearing her waitress uniform. Police listed “gang overtones” as the motive. Two middle schoolers were found dead with bullet wounds this April. The list of crimes goes on and on. Basically, there are cartel gangs from all over South America fighting one another within this outlaw community.

This began a decade ago and has only grown since Biden opened the borders. When cash is not an option, the cartels use Individual Tax Identification Numbers (ITIN) loans as they do not require a Social Security number, job history, or legal residency. Some use owner-to-owner transfer methods to avoid loans but most of the houses in these areas are makeshift shacks. William ‘Trey’ Harris, a developer in Texas, was recently accused of selling land to illegal migrants without the proper paperwork. Yet, these migrants are also receiving taxpayer funding to run these shanty towns.

This is a glimpse of what will happen throughout the US. Numerous countries like El Salvador, Honduras, and Venezuela implemented mass incarceration for gang and cartel members. Those who were not caught have snuck into the US where they will reoffend. Colony Ridge is just the beginning.

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