Australian Govt Lets Unvaccinated Teen Die

Dazelle Peters, 17, of New South Wales lost her battle to leukemia last week. Doctors believed that they could save her life through a lung transplant, but her request was repeatedly rejected. Why? Solely because she was not vaccinated for COVID-19.

St. Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney released a statement saying: “Vaccination status against various infections is a critical part of this assessment in order to ensure optimal prospects of survival post-transplant.” What evidence exists to support this claim? There is not one study that suggests an organ transplant is more effective with the mRNA COVID vaccine, in fact, studies would suggest the contrary.

Her father told news outlets that the hospital called his daughter a “major threat to everyone [who was currently hospitalized] who had done the right thing” as she could spread COVID. Anyone could spread COVID. There is no evidence that the vaccine can prevent transmission or infection. Australia is still operating based on “the science” that Anthony Fauci himself has revealed to be a lie.

Federal Assistant Health Minister Ged Kearney said that the Australian government could not intervene in clinical decisions based on mandates that the government implemented. The government of South Wales said the hospital was merely following the guidelines presented by the International Society of Heart/Lung Transplantation recommendations, and the Transplant Society of Australia and New Zealand.

The rules surrounding COVID have claimed far more lives than the actual virus. Australia has become completely tyrannical in dealing with this flu variant. When will these people be held responsible for all the lives they have claimed in the name of “science?” This young girl could be alive today if the government permitted medical autonomy.

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