Putin’s Final Plea for Peace

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Russian President Vladimir Putin is once again offering Ukraine the option to end this senseless war. Putin said that he would order an immediate ceasefire and call a truce if Zelensky 1) withdraws troops from four annexes regions, and 2) declines any invitation to join NATO.

Putin is effectively attempting to prevent World War III. He knows that a global conflict will erupt instantaneous if Ukraine joins NATO thanks to Article V. His comments were given ahead of the summit in Switzerland in which world leaders are allegedly going to discuss peace talks. The option for peace has ALWAYS been on the table.



The West has been the instigator, and every word from Austin’s mouth is an outright lie no different from the Weapons of Mass Destruction. It was Victoria Nuland, who has a Ukrainian heritage, who selected the interim given and directed them to start this civil war to attack the Donbas. His famous call said it all – the Neocons were waging war against Russia – “Fuck the EU!” she boldly said. Now Blinken is a ruthless Neocon who has openly said that the Russians persecuted his family because they, too, were Jewish like Nuland and from Kiev. He is in charge, and these people have usurped American foreign policy to use that for personal vendettas against Russians. There is NOBODY in Washington willing to stand up and defend our country, for they fear the Neocon’s wrath.

2019 Zelensky win Russia Hopeful

Zelenskyy had run of peace and then did exactly the opposite. Many Ukrainians now see him as a traitor to their country. They cannot seek peace for that decision come only from Washington and Blinken since Biden is not mentally competent to even stand trial. Russia was hopeful that he was serious and end the civil war that Kiev began on instructions from Victoria Nuland.

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To ensure Putin would come to the aid of the Russian in the Donbas after Nuland instructed Liev to attack them. He told the press the day before that Ukraine would rearm with nuclear weapons violating every treaty on the books to make sure Putin invaded.

Zelensky did not tell people about invasion

Zelenskyy told the Washington Post, who learned that he had all the info and knew when Russia would invade thanks to American intelligence. They asked why he did not warn the civilians. He said it would have cost him $7 billion in capital flight. He has proven time and again he is just lining his pockets at the expense of his people. When there was a peace deal, Boris Johnson ran to Ukraine to make sure Zelenskyy killed the deal. He was instructed that there would be no peace with Russia.


Before Zelenskyy gets his golden parachute and is whisked off to Miami as a reward for following Neocon orders, over 1 million Ukrainians will be dead. On the May 7th ECM turning point, two Ukrainian military officers tried to assassinate Zelenskyy. He claimed it was a Russian plot. No way. There are many Ukrainians who have said if he was on fire, they would not urinate on him until he was dead. He is a disgusting traitor to Ukraine, and history will remember his vile actions for posterity.


Zelenskyy has even called for nuclear war. These people hate Russians, and they want to unleash genocide and kill every last one of them. The Ukrainians were never prosecuted for all the killings they did of Polish, Jews, and Russians in ethnic cleansing with the Nazis because the CIA exonerated and protected them because they hated Russians.

I cannot stress the importance of the Minsk Agreement enough, in which Russia was ensured by numerous world leaders that the people living in annexed areas that were traditionally Russian would have the opportunity to vote on whether or not they wished to be part of Russia. Russia patiently waited for the elections and did not act. Then, former German Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted that the Minsk Agreement was purely a sham to buy time to build up Ukraine’s military.

Merkel_Minsk_Buy_Time_to Prepare for wart

Trust has been annihilated. All we hear is of Russia’s “unprovoked full-scale invasion,” but the truth of the matter is that the West forced Russia’s hand. They never intended to honor their promises to Russia, and Russia felt compelled to act on behalf of the ethnically Russian people living in those regions. A simple election could have prevented tens of thousands of deaths. The neocons had other plans.

Ukraine called Putin’s potentially final attempt at peace negotiations “manipulative” and “absurd.” Zelensky is too deeply indebted to the West to back out now, and he was initially installed as the puppet president to carry out the plans of the neocons who are hell-bent on conquering Russia. I have explained countless times that Ukraine simply cannot win this war. We are rapidly moving toward World War III, and the decisions made at these upcoming summits will have drastic effects on the future of civilization itself.

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