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Coming to a blue state near you, legislators would like to slap warning labels on gas-powered stoves. What is the warning? Lawmakers say that consumers should be aware that gas stoves release toxic fumes and are harmful to the environment. California, Illinois, and New York have all agreed to include labels that state gas stoves can cause pets and children to develop asthma, leukemia, and other illnesses.

Is there enough evidence to honestly state that gas stoves lead to health risks? I do not know a single person who has fallen ill due to a gas stove. We are not seeing restaurant workers dropping dead due to working near gas stoves. Even the World Health Organization, who is certainly not for the people, could not produce a study linking asthma to the release of nitrogen dioxide. The truth of the matter is that this is merely an attempt to promote the climate change agenda and eventual push to ban all fossil fuels.


Lawmakers and trade groups are battling over the precise language to use on these absurd warning labels. Numerous climate zealot organizations are actually filing lawsuits against companies such as GE for failing to warn the public of the climate and health risks associated with gas stoves.

The Democrats will say that conservatives are being hysterical about proposed bans on gas stoves, crying that these measures are small steps to inform the public so that they may make educated decisions. “This bill is just educating consumers on a potential hazard, and they can make their own choice and that’s what America is about,” New York Assemblymember Michaelle Solages stated. “We’re not banning gas stoves,” said California Assemblymember Gail Pellerin, who authored the state’s warning label proposal. “We’re just basically requiring them to be labeled, warning people about how to best use them with good ventilation.”

However, states have already passed laws to diminish the use of gas stoves and furnaces. New York’s Governor Kathy Hochul signed legislation that will reduce the number of gas appliances used for heating and cooking in the years to come. California is forcing new buildings to comply with climate change regulations and efficiency standards.

The US Department of Energy attempted to impose restrictions to make it increasingly difficult for Americans to purchase gas stoves, but Republicans overturned the measure. It will make it easier for lawmakers to regulate fossil fuel appliances if they can label them. One must wonder why lawmakers are hell-bent on eliminating America’s most utilized cooking method when our nation is plagued with problems.

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