NATO Chief Seeks to Punish China Over Free Trade with Russia

Stoltenberg Jens NATO

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg proposed sanctioning China over its support for Russia amid the Russia-Ukraine war. Unlike the West, China has not directly provided countless aid packages to Russia, but China has kept trade open and exchanged technology with Moscow. Stoltenberg believes China must face “consequences” for not aligning with NATO.

The West is theoretically not at war with Russia or China. NATO is on the offensive, completely stepping over boundaries and harassing foreign nations to instigate World War III. Then they tell the public and mainstream media to announce that they are merely protecting their own people from our enemies who have done absolutely nothing to earn such a title.

Under this line of thinking, the NATO alliance could punish anyone who dissents from their global autocratic authority. “Beijing cannot have it both ways. At some point — and unless China changes course — allies need to impose a cost. There should be consequences,” Stoltenberg said at the Wilson Center in Washington. He honed in on China trading microelectronics with Russia that has improved Russia’s satellite proficiencies. China and Russia have agreed to an open partnership, yet China is not involved in this war.


Should NATO also punish India, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and others for continuing to trade with Russia? NATO has absolutely no authority to demand that other nations shun Russia from the global economy. They know that these proposed sanctions would not deter China from conducting business with Russia. Instead, these “consequences” will cause China and all other non-NATO nations to back away from trading with the West entirely. Will they do the same to nations who continue to trade with China once they redirect their focus to Taiwan? Will they force “consequences” upon nations who do not support Israel?

The Neocons are decimating the economies of western nations by deterring trade. There is no common sense in the boardrooms as the only objective is to fan the flames of war by any means necessary. China already stepped away from Western trade in a major way and now they are actively provoking China to take retaliatory measures.

NATO has zero reason to back Ukraine on paper as it is not a member. They do not plan to offer Ukraine membership at the upcoming Washington summit, but Stoltenberg said they will place the framework to “build a bridge” to future membership. Stoltenberg congratulated NATO members for contributing more to the alliance this year than ever before. This global force is a danger to civilization itself as it aims to propel us into a global conflict from which there will be no turning back.

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